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Karina Irby revela las grandes mentiras de las FOTOS de Instagram

Karina Irby mostró cuáles son las grandes mentiras de las influencers fitness.

Karina reveló sus mejores trucos para conseguir las fotos perfectas en Instagram y tener miles de likes.

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SECRETS OUT🤭 Introducing to you the classic “Insta Girl Edit”, where the skin gets smoother, the ass gets better, the boobs get bigger, the waist gets smaller and online confidence goes through the roof. But what happens offline? When did we lose our little girl confidence? When we were young we didn’t care how we look, and we surely didn’t compare ourselves to the girl next to us. Whether it be Social Media, magazines, movies or Hollywood... something changes and we start endlessly comparing ourselves to others and strive to potentially be something we aren’t. I’ve been there. And I’m confident a lot of us reading this have, or are still painting a different picture of themselves. The sooner we decide to accept ourselves for who we are and care less about other people’s criticism, the happier we are going to be. I know from first hand experience I am! 🦄

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La influencer subio un video llamado “Classic Instagram girl edit”, en donde explica todo lo que le hace y modifica a una foto antes de subirla a redes sociales.

Karina Irby dalemedia

Entre todos los retoques digitales que se hace están emparejar el tono de la piel, levantarse las pompas, aumentarse los senos.

Les presento el video ‘Insta Girl Edit’, donde me hago varios retoques para lucir mejor, tener un trasero de impacto y una cintura más de avispa“, comenta Karina.

Karina Irby dalemedia

Karina Irby dalemedia

Karina Irby dalemedia

Karina Irby dalemedia

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